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Hey GG&A Tribe!!  Summer is FINALLY starting to ramp up here in NE Ohio and even though Christmas is about the farthest thing from our minds, there should still be opportunity to get some great deals = enter Black Friday in June! (Everybody does Christmas in July, but Black Friday is when the real deals happen!).  Join us Friday, June 28th at 10:00am to kick off our Black Friday in June sale! We'll be releasing the official flyer soon, but just like our wildly popular Black Friday Sale, we'll have a couple of select 'Special Sale Guns' - these guns are deeply discounted - more than your typical Saturday Sales Flyer stuff.. Like the Ruger American Ranch in .350 Legend!! This will be just 1 of our Special Sale guns! We'll also have $...  Read More

Spring + Tax Refund = Gun Season!

Well, that glorious time of the year has come. The weather is getting a little warmer, the days are getting longer, the tax refunds are coming in.. AKA: Gun Season. What makes you want to get outside on the next spring day more than a NEW or New to you GUN?  In-store, we try to have a little something for everyone - from 1st time gun buyers to those preparing for the upcoming competition season. Picture yourself, your spouse and your kids out in the backyard with a Ruger Mark IV .22 LR. Easy for everyone to learn and operate - promoting gun safety to your kids and spending that quality time out in the fresh air. Or, maybe you've been saving up for a CZ Scorpion Evo and your Tax refund will put you in a good place to finally purchase i...  Read More


What's better than a new gun? Getting a DEAL on a new gun! You can browse the latest in Gun Rebates 24/7 on our website! At the top of our homepage, check out the Gun Rebates tab for up-to-date live rebates from all of your favorite brands. We understand that any little bit helps and with your tax refund, we want to make sure you get the most Bang for your Buck! New rebates are added all the time so check back often! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE LATEST GUN REBATES  Read More

Help us hit one of our 2019 goals!

With a new year comes new goals! Yes, it's almost the end of January already and I can still be caught writing '2018'. This year is already moving quickly and we're well underway with hitting our 2019 goals.  This year, one of our biggest goals is to get 3,000 'Likes' on our business Facebook page! When someone likes the page, they are exposed to our posts showing deals we have in-store, new products and promo codes that sometimes aren't seen outside of Facebook. The more followers a business page has, the more credibility it's given to local, national and international potential customers and business connections. Plus, it reminds us of how lucky we are to have the support of our beloved customers! If you would be so kind to take only...  Read More

Have you visited our eBay and Gunbroker stores?

When we started our business in 2013, we didn't have a retail location. We didn't have an FFL or an awesome customer base. Heck, all we did have was a kitchen table, a camera phone and an eBay account. But with some broken guns and a little bit of time, Garrett's Gun Parts, LLC was born. Fast forward to 2019 > eBay and Gunbroker are still a HUGE part of our business. We've upgraded lots of things over the years, like nicer cameras, uniform looking backdrops and even those fancy sticky shipping labels. But what we still do on a weekly basis is list gun parts, hard to find guns and magazines!  Things are changing all the time on those pages and we encourage you to check them out regularly. Especially if you have interest in older, vin...  Read More

Garrett's GGA-9 and GGA-45 Lower Receivers Now Available!

When we became a manufacturer in July of 2018, we were overwhelmed with the amount of interest in our GGA-15 lower receivers. Since then, we've been building on those and selling the custom builds in-store as well as selling the stripped lowers for only $69.99! In October, we added GGA-10 Billet lowers to our spread and those became instantly popular for those looking for something 'beefier'.  We are pleased to announce that we now offer GGA-9 Billet Lower (9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG) and GGA-45 Billet Lower (.45 ACP, 10mm). These lower receivers accept Glock style magazines, with which we've had great success with the ETS Glock mags! Each lower is priced at only $139.99 and is available on our website as well as in-store. In the next ...  Read More
Please note, there is NO transfer fee for items ordered on Garrettsgunsandammo.com when picked up in-store. If gun is being shipped, your FFL dealer will charge a transfer fee at their discretion. Google Analytics -->